Powerflex Black -puslasarja - Ford Transit Connect MK2 - (2013 -)

Sarjan hinta sisältää aina yhteen autoon tarvittavan määrän puslia

1. PFF19-8011BLK
Front Wishbone Front Bush 14mm bolt
Bush size: 14mm bolt
1. PFF19-8011GBLK
Front Wishbone Front Bush Camber Adjustable 14mm Bolt
Bush size: 14mm
2. PFF19-1202BLK
Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bush
2. PFF19-1802GBLK
Front Wishbone Rear Bush Anti-Lift & Caster Offset
20. PFF19-1220BLK
Lower Engine Mount Insert
20. PFF19-1822BLK
Lower Torque Mount Bracket & Bush, Track Use

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Powerflex-puslat Transit

Powerflex-puslat ovat markkinoiden suosituin uretaanipuslamerkki. Powerflexin polyuretaanipuslat antavat alustalle jämäkkyyttä, joka tuntuu ajotuntumassa ja renkaiden vähäisemmässä kulumisessakin, kun pyöränkulmat eivät pääse muuttumaan kovassa rasituksessa väljien puslien takia. Tavalliseen katuajoon suosittelemme road-sarjan puslia. Black-sarjan puslat ovat jo melko jäykkiä, joten ne sopivat kilpakäyttöön radalle tai muuhun vastaavaan vaativaan käyttöön


1. PFF19-8011BLK
PFF19-8011BLK is a replacement bush that is 15% stiffer than the original bush. For a camber adjustable version of this bush please use PFF19-8011GBLK. Suitable for 14mm bolt, if your vehicle uses a 12mm bolt please order PFF19-801.
1. PFF19-8011GBLK
PFF19-8011GBLK is a replacement bush that is 15% stiffer than the original bush and provides +/- 0.5 degrees of on-car camber adjustment. Suitable for 14mm bolt, if your vehicle uses a 12mm bolt please order PFF19-801GBLK.
2. PFF19-1802GBLK
PFF19-1802GBLK is a CNC machined aluminium mount and polyurethane bush to provide 1 degree of positive caster offset and 7.5mm anti-lift properties. Focus ST and RS owners are all too familiar with the commonly reported torque steer effect of their vehicles. Our new part provides anti-lift and caster offset to improve handling characteristics and has been proven and tested on road and track.PFF19-1802GBLKadds 1 degree of caster offset for a greater tyre contact area, which, in turn, provides greater feedback information to the driver, improves traction and offers greater stability. The increased caster angle produces more weight and detail to the steering which is vital to driver confidence, allowing your Focus to corner with more urgency, significantly improved grip and reduced understeer.Starting out as a 6082 T6 (heat treated) solid billet of aluminium, our CNC machining centre and 4th axis shape the material into our unique design which is then hard black anodized, followed by an engraving process. By machining from a solid billet, we ensure our part has the best strength to weight ratio and looks great too. PFF19-1802G ships with CNC machined stainless steel-steel thrust washers to enhance braking stability.In our Black Shore 80A Black Series material, PFF19-1802G is 85% stiffer than the original rubber bush for those looking for a Track/Competition option, whilst our Purple Shore 95A Road Series material is 10% stiffer than the original bush.
20. PFF19-1220BLK
Please check image for compatibility. On the Ford Focus, PFF19-1220 fits later models whilst PFF19-1222 fits early models. PFF19-1220 fits this design of bracket.
20. PFF19-1822BLK
Combining a new CNC machined aluminium lower torque mount with various durometer options to suit differing states of tune, this is a great way to reduce the amount of engine movement during hard acceleration and gear changing. It's also super easy to replace - just two bolts and it's out with the old, in with the new and no pressing out of any rubber! PFF19-1822BLK Lower Engine Mount Bracket & Bushes (Black 95A) is a huge 300% stiffer than OE and available in our Black Series for hard Track and Motorsport use.
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